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Angie Katsanevas & Shawn Trujillo


South Temple


Lunatic Fringe
445 E South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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About Angie & Shawn:

Lunatic FringeTM was created through one vision and two dedicated partners: husband and wife team Shawn Trujillo and Angie Katsanevas. After many years of working in salons, the partners knew it was time to start a salon that shared their vision. They dreamed their salon would be filled with passionate and innovative team members.

Their goal was to create a culture that put people and team first and provided a path to creating a successful and prosperous career. They envisioned a salon filled with creative artists who were passionate about their craft and their business.

This was unique, almost revolutionary, and they believed the salon needed a name to reflect their intention. They remembered an old friend who many years earlier wanted to name his salon “Lunatic Fringe”, but felt people weren’t ready then. In 1999 the partners decided the world was ready, and the Lunatic FringeTM Salon revolution began.

Over 16 years later, Lunatic FringeTM culture still rests on its five core values—team, opportunity, business, passion and education. It is one of the nation’s finest talent networks. With 8 NAHA victories and multiple national and international publications, the partners’ passion for evolving the industry continues to thrive.

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