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Katie Fitzsimmons: Educator and Stylist Extraordinaire

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

Katie Fitzsimmons, Jr. Stylist at the Lunatic Fringe Liberty Township salon in Ohio, has a side hustle that makes us proud.

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Why Stylists are Activists, Heart and Soul

Posted on Jul 01, 2016 // Giving BackStylist Profile

Lunatic Fringe stylists are always looking to better the world through civic engagement and outreach opportunities. Learn why through Lisandra Brunheimer’s heartfelt story.

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Spotlight: Creative Director Fumi Eguchi

Posted on Mar 24, 2016 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham Intention, grace and style. Whether he’s behind the chair or behind the camera, Fumi Eguchi embraces these values as the creative director of Lunatic Fringe. And, as LF guests, you’re already familiar with Fumi’s work! Along with the creative team, he shoots, designs and perfects the seasonal looks you spot on our…

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Spotlight: Sarah Boling

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

“Look at her.  She uses that razor like an artist. She is sculpting my hair, piece by piece.” Comments from guests like these make LF stylist Sarah Boling feel, “as if she hasn’t worked a single day,” during her three years at Lunatic Fringe. “And I am a LF lifer,” Boling says. Although she can…

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Spotlight: Jeremy McDougle

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

While colleagues could rightly call him an “heir of hair,” LF stylist Jeremy McDougle describes his foray into the beauty industry as “a total accident.” In fact, he had every intention of avoiding his family profession. It was only when daily, dry college lectures left him creatively parched that McDougle began to look to his…

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