Back-To-School Beauty Tips

Posted on Aug 05, 2019 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story


Back-to-school season is here and, for a lot of people, that means life is about to get a whole lot busier. Whether you’re a parent or a student yourself, we could all use a few tips for simplifying our daily routines while staying on trend.

Here are our top 5 beauty tips everyone could benefit from moving into the school year.


1. Embrace your natural hair texture. 

That’s right—we are suggesting you consider putting down your hot tools. Not only will your hair thank you and become healthier, but you will also save a substantial amount of time in the morning. That could mean a few more minutes studying before your big exam or (let’s be honest) a few more minutes of beauty sleep in the morning.


2. Stock up on your favorite minis.

So maybe you did sleep in a little bit and have to get ready at school or work—fear not! We have all of your favorite essentials in travel size. Slide a travel size Dry Shampoo by Oribe or Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble into your bag for those “just-in-case” moments. Your future self will thank you.


3. Get ready, get set!

School usually means longer hours away from home. Now we aren’t suggesting that you need to wear makeup, but if you choose to, finishing powers and setting sprays can be the holy grail to increasing the longevity of your makeup. Applying a finishing powder and spritzing a setting spray on after you apply your makeup will ensure your makeup looks fresher for longer. We love the face powders and hydration sprays by Jane Iredale because they are made with all-natural, clean ingredients and “extensively tested for safety, stability, efficacy and performance.” 


4. Add a little bling to your ‘d0.

We believe your hair itself should always be your favorite accessory— but why not enhance it occasionally? Hair accessories are trending and not going anywhere for a while.  We are loving scrunchies, barrettes, and hair scarves. Not sure how to style them in your own hair? Feel free to bring them in to your next hair appointment with us and confide in one of our talented stylists!

Photo by Micky Thompson. Pictured: Parleys Way Stylists Katlyn Graff, Kylie Fowler, Aubree Wells, Kyle Moore and Kea Robertson.


5. Don’t be afraid to slick it back.

Slicking your hair back into a high or low updo can be a quick and easy way to make unwashed hair look intentional and sleek. No one has to know you didn’t wash your hair for a few days. Pull it tight and rock it. 

// By Casie Peterson

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