Spring Hair Trends: A Soufflé of Haircuts

Posted on Feb 28, 2019 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

For Park City Creative Stylist and Salon Director Bree Briggs, spring hair trends are about empowerment. Whether it’s liberating yourself from length or embracing those greys, we’re greeting warmer days with freedom on our minds — and in our hair!

Embracing Greys

One of Bree’s guests has a unique birthmark on her scalp. Around the mark, there is no pigment in her hair — and most stylists tell her to cover the area with more “natural” color. Not Bree!

Briggs “wants to empower women to do what makes them happy,” and, as a subtext, to enhance their natural beauty — greys, silvers, whites and all.

This means lots of “game-planning to take these babes back to grey” through color correction. Most have colored their hair for decades, largely to meet social expectations, she finds. Some are timid about their silver-haired renaissance, but Bree relishes telling her guests to go for it.

A Soufflé of Haircuts

This trend manifests in two forms for long hair: losing length with a razor cut bob, or losing bulk with a straight razor while maintaining length. The look is all fullness with none of the weight, or what Bree’s husband Jared calls the “soufflé of haircuts.”

Jared is a stylist, too. He owns Lunatic Fringe Park City and created the Cult + King line, which offers revolutionary, refillable and toxin-free hair and shave products. Start with Tonik, you’ll never go back.

Razor Cut Bobs

The Park City salon caters to ski bunnies and snowboard bums. Now that their hair is free from ski helmets, Bree finds that her guests care more about shorter lengths and ease — further proof that hairstyle complements lifestyle.

Want to try the trend? Good news! Blunt, razor cut bobs with interior texture complement both curly and straight hair.

Straight Razor Cuts

If they’re not losing length, then Bree’s savvy guests are losing bulk and weight this spring. A straight razor cut keeps hair long while maintaining “wash-and-go” ease.

Hair Jewels

You knew it was coming. We’d be remiss to mention spring trends without discussing the hair accessories that have taken over our Instagram feeds. (A social platform that Bree totally endorses for style inspiration, by the way!)

Of barrettes and bobby pins embellished and bejeweled, Bree says, “it’s just like jewelry. Wear this trend in whatever way makes your heart happy.”

Check out @briggsbreehair for more of Bree’s style. Rumor has it there’s some intricate, crocheted braid-work in her project pipeline.

Need a springtime confidence boost? Looking to transition out of coloring grey hair? Book an appointment with Bree through our easy online booking service, or give her a ring in Park City at 435.658.0298.

Credits // Author: Jane Stringham. Photography: Casie Peterson and Bree Briggs.

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