2 (Nearly!) Effortless Halloween Makeup Looks

Posted on Oct 19, 2018 // Stylist's Tips

by Jane Stringham //

With Halloween looming, your best last-minute costume bet starts with your face. And your makeup arsenal, that is! Let Kameo Gregersen — longtime makeup aficionado from Paul Mitchell the School — walk you through 2 accessible Halloween looks. Whether you have a slew of parties on your agenda or simply want to charm the trick-or-treaters at your door, either one of these crowd pleasers will help you put your best face forward.

Even better?

We have a feeling that you’ve got most of Kameo’s makeup recs on hand. If you do need to stock up on staples, check out Lunatic Fringe favorites from the Jane Iredale line— our Jane suggestions are sprinkled throughout Kameo’s tutorial below.

Easy Pin-Up Girl Look

We’ll take all the makeup from the ‘50s but none of that feminine mystique, please. Reclaim pin-up girl style for the 21st century; then pair with a classic bandana and simple updo.

Kameo’s Steps:

(left to right)

Step 1: To your bare face, add primer – begin with the eyes before moving on to the face.

Step 2: Take a light nude or white shade across the lid of the eye. Darken the crease and outer corner with a cool-toned shade. Add winged liner.

Step 3: Apply your favorite foundation. (We recommend Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Minimal BB Cream, available at your local LF!) Next, add a lighter shade of concealer to the high points of the face to brighten, and then blend outwards.

Step 4: Set the face with a translucent powder before adding contour and blush. Next, fill in the brows; a thin and arched brow will be more period accurate. Add lashes—preferably with a longer outer corner to make the eyes more cat-like.

Steps 5 & 6: Finally, add red lipstick and set the face with a setting spray.

Pop Art Gal

Bring the comic strip to life with this Roy Lichtenstein-inspired tutorial. Lichtenstein was famous for ’60s pop art parodies — try accessorizing your look with these lines from his paintings: “Oh, Jeff, I love you, too, but…” or,  “Why, Brad darling, this is a masterpiece!” On-point quips, a simple black dress and Kameo’s directions round out a last-minute costume with a punch of personality.

Kameo’s Steps:

(left to right)

Step 1: Add on to the pin-up girl steps above by drawing a blue tear near the eye and another one on the cheek. (Scroll down for Kameo’s general tips on selecting paints.)

Step 2: Add white dots to the face. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Hint: you can use the end of a pen or makeup brush to make the dots uniform. Darken the eyebrows with a very dark brown or black shade.

Step 3: Extend eyeliner into the crease. Next, extend the inner corner at the front end of the brow upwards — this will make you look concerned.  (We recommend the naturally pigmented Jane Iredale Eye Pencil in Basic Black.)

 Step 4: Looking straight ahead into the mirror, add black lines from the ear along the cheekbone until you reach the center of your eye. Shade the outer corners of your lips and line them in black. Next, darken your natural lip creases with a black liner to give them depth.

Steps 5 & 6: Add even more lines along your nose, eyebrow, creases and chin. Outline the tears from step 1 in black. Use a white shade to put highlights into your tears and lips to give them even more depth.

Whatever makeup look you choose for Halloween, take care to follow Kameo’s tips on paints, powders and professional flourishes below. And remember, extra-involved looks can be hard on skin—it’s crucial to rehydrate and repair.

In fact, we recommend a post-event facial with Cindy Broc — our Master Esthetician at Lunatic Fringe in Holladay.  Even if you spend Halloween in pajamas, treating yourself to a facial will ease your transition into the impending holiday stress.

We’ll sign off with Kameo’s tried and true Halloween makeup tips.

General Halloween Makeup Tips:

  1. Water-activated paints or waterproof eyeliners are best for line work and large areas on the face. Powders are always a good second choice — anything creamy will smear and separate through the day.
  2. For powders you can use a synthetic or natural bristle brush. If you are using anything creamy or a water activated paint, take care to use a synthetic bristle brush so you don’t ruin your brush hairs.
  3. Blending, outlining and adding shadows and highlights will always make something look more professional and realistic.
  4. If you do need to use a cream based product, like gel eyeliner, make sure to set it with powder. Even a thin line can be set with a translucent powder or an eye shadow in the same color.
  5. Practice makes perfect! If you are going to try something new it’s great to practice any part of the look you are hesitant about ahead of time.

Finally, Happy Halloween from all of us at Lunatic Fringe.


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