That Unmissable Step in Your Fall Hair Care Routine

Posted on Oct 05, 2018 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham //

“Water, wind and sun are all things that are hard on hair, especially when the temperature changes,” says Master Stylist Kate Drinkwater.  Don’t let the impending cold front discourage you, however.  Today on the blog, Kate is here to share the one unmissable step in your fall hair care routine — and all the little things you can do to support it — that make a major impact. First things first.

Fusio-Dose Treatments

If you only change one thing this fall, let it be this.

Get a deep treatment at Lunatic Fringe, and do it before the temperature drops too drastically.  Just one Fusio-Dose treatment is profoundly preventative; just one treatment can effectively buffer imminent seasonal damage.  In fact, Kate recommends quarterly deep treatments — one with each change of season.  Not familiar with Fusio-Dose?  These bespoke blends are deeply restorative and tailored to your specific hair needs.  Check out a video of the mixing process here:

If you want to do more for your hair this season, try these other Kate-approved techniques.

Treatment Braid

You might be surprised to learn that your jar of coconut oil, hailed in recent years as the cure-all for health ills (including dry or frizzy hair), has no place in your fall hair care routine.  “Coconut oil only sits on the surface of hair and does not penetrate,” says Kate.  And we can do so much better.

Dying for an effective alternative?

Kate recommends Kérastase products infused with argan, camellia, or marula oils for at-home DIY treatments.  Unlike coconut oil, these oils sink right in and work to protect the hair fiber.  As a Kérastase educator, Kate’s also thrilled to share the news that the Elixir Ultime line is relaunching.  Cult favorite L’Huile Original Hair Oil, which is infused with marula oil, is the perfect tool for what Kate calls a “treatment braid.”

How to benefit from a DIY treatment braid

First, start with ten pumps of your chosen oil.  Warm up the oil in your hands and work evenly through wet or dry hair.  Braid hair into a single plait and leave it in overnight.  Come morning, take out your treatment braid and style or wash as usual.  Keep in mind, however, that hair is most fragile when wet.  Sleeping on freshly washed hair is not the best idea this season, when hair is especially prone to environmental damage.

Kate’s Kérastase Routine

“There are 2-3 steps I always tell my guests,” says Kate.  And fall hair care doesn’t deviate.  “The Kérastase routine is trifold: cleanse, treat and prime.  But don’t do this unless you’re using quality product.”  Hair care is very similar to skin care: “when skin is better it needs less makeup, when hair is healthy, from consistently using quality product, it’s easier to style.”

Kate is also, “a lot more into masques in winter seasons.”  She uses her Kérastase masques once weekly, and loves them because they don’t weigh down hair, “which is something a lot of people are worried about in fall,” says Kate.  Try these two moisturizing options from Kérastase, both available at your local Lunatic Fringe.

Kate, a Kérastase educator, travels the country to educate other stylists on the luxe line’s benefits.  Next week, she’s taking her expertise and curiosity across the pond to London.  Kate calls it an “inspiration trip.”  Taking class at the London Sassoon Academy and attending two shows — the Salon International Show and the Alternative Hair Show — certainly sounds inspirational!  Kate will be back behind the chair mid-month, overflowing with new ideas about London’s cutting-edge hair trends.  And, come November, look for Kate’s beginner-friendly styling class at Lunatic Fringe: “it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to do their own hair.”  Intrigued?  So are we!  Book appointments with Kate online here.

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