2018 Fall Trend Timeline with Paola Cabiedes

Posted on Sep 27, 2018 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham //

Fashion theorist James Laver said it best: trends are on a timeline.  Lunatic Fringe stylist Paola Cabiedes reaffirms his iconic “Laver’s Law” when she adds her (very valuable!) two cents to our fall trends forecast.  As a candidate in the Miss Idaho USA pageant, Paola, left, has her finger on the pulse of national trends.

Autumn is the time when Paola’s guests ask for the most drastic changes, and this year is no different.  Keep reading for her advice on the east-coast trends that are trickling into Lunatic Fringe salons near you, how to buy into fall style without stepping too far outside your comfort zone, and, finally, how to accessorize it all.

Fall Accessories Trends

If you lived through the 90s, take heed: hair-comb headbands, statement barrettes, and tiny claw clips are making their comeback.  “Trends always come back,” says Paola.  For this Boise-based stylist, the aforementioned accoutrements are one of the easiest ways to change your look for fall — without a heart-stopping chop or flip of the color wheel, that is.

With the heat of the summer dissipating, we get to focus less on prevention — of sweat, dryness, frizz — and more on creation — on accessorizing, style that stays, and experimentation.  Accessories are the best way to (cautiously) tap into your creativity that’s been lying in wait all summer long.

Fall Style Trends

“People are still loving the more natural, undone look.  Most everyone in my [Boise] salon rocks their natural texture,” says Paola.  This means you can prolong the life of your summery beach waves well into fall.

As far as cuts go, Paola’s guests above are loving the long, layered look this season.  She thinks it’s no coincidence: Paola herself is, “really excited for fall fashion, boots and layering.”  That said, the incredibly sleek, angled mid-length bob also continues to reign.

Fall Color Trends

Like trends, language is always evolving.  The words “flamboyant,” and “balayage,” have come together to form the portmanteau on everyone’s lips this fall: “flamboyage.”  According to Paola, “flamboyage is a new technique that mixes ombre and balayage coloring techniques.”

Here’s a quick crash course: balayage is a freehand painting technique that creates gradation, and is best for those who want a natural look with a hint of contrast.  Ombre is a coloring technique that creates depth in the roots and gradually melts into lighter tips.  Flamboyage combines techniques from both.  The result, however, is softer and low-maintenance than either ombre or balayage.  Brightening, peekaboo highlights are achieved with an adhesive coloring strip instead of freehand painting.

And, like clockwork, Paola’s blonde guests ask for those cooler, ashier tones in the fall.  Brunettes ask for richer color.

Find Paola behind the chair at Lunatic Fringe in Boise, Idaho.  Aside from her Miss USA Pageant later this month, Paola has a few other projects and plans in the pipeline: she’s heading to Japan to assist in hair courses with Artistic Director Fumi Eguchi in November 2018, and continues to perfect her cutting-edge color techniques.

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