3 Fall Hair Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

Posted on Aug 25, 2018 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham //

Read on to discover 3 fall hair trends you’re about to see everywhere, as crafted and forecasted by veteran stylist Mario Siguenza.  Although this 2014 NAHA finalist specializes in fantasy color and envelope-pushing dreads, his 3 trending picks are nothing if not livable.

Life’s rhythms tend to change in the fall.  To-do lists proliferate, our minds turn to the impending winter, and oh-so many head back to school. Even if you’re not hitting refresh on hitting the books, like some of Mario’s recent guests (see above), a seasonal shift is always a good time to reflect on how your look is working with—not against—your lifestyle.

The Long of It

Have you been in a mermaid-hair-growing competition this summer?  It might be time to shed some bulk.  But this doesn’t mean your beach waves can’t transition into fall, especially if you already have some natural texture to work with.

Mario’s guests with extra-ambitious length, seen both above and below, have been stopping by for maintainable style.  The look is simultaneously “done, and undone.”  Cutting off a decent amount of length may even benefit those who love to emphasize their natural texture.  Less weight gives waves longevity, and makes adding curls much more effective.

The Short of It

Shorter cuts mean simplified routines and textured styles.  You might say that, “towel-dry and go” is Mario’s guests’  mantra this fall.  For Mario, these cuts are “simple, natural, easy and stylish. “I guess you could say I’m seeing more textured styles that look pretty and slightly natural,” he says.

To replicate these looks from the web: 1) Visit your local Lunatic Fringe stylist. 2) Invest in some high-quality texture-enhancing product. 3) Work a modest amount of product through the hair. 6) Towel-dry and go!

The Happy Medium

Find a happy medium, but make sure it’s a polished one.  Mario predicts that mid-length cuts will continue to be sleek with a clean finish, like his recent cuts below.  And it’s no coincidence that these collarbone-grazing styles complement fall fashions.  Smart trenches and silk scarves set off a mid-length cut in a reliably elegant way.

Find Mario Siguenza forecasting trends from behind the chair on South Temple, or over at @madd_mars.  In addition to specializing in fantasy color and dreadlocks, Mario boasts 7+ years of cutting prowess and has been a member of our intrepid artistic team.  Visit your local Lunatic Fringe stylist for the short of it, the long of it, or to find a happy medium in the most livable iteration of your fall style.

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