2018 Spring and Summer Trend Forecast with Kati Wheat

Posted on Mar 28, 2018 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham//

This spring and summer, “the ‘80s are back.” But with just one caveat: “it’s not Vidal Sassoon again—people need good haircuts they can live with, live in, and go.”  That is to say, LF guests won’t be slaving, molding and sculpting to recreate in-salon looks.  Instead, the work happens once—in the salon, with stylists like Kati (left), who portends that lived-in highlights, long pixies, the salient shag, mermaid hair and even unisex “wet” looks will make the 2018 spring and summer roster.

Kati Wheat, a creative stylist at Salt Lake’s Lunatic Fringe on Eleventh, boasts two+ decades behind the chair and plenty of behind-the-scenes fashion show savvy.  It’s no surprise, then, that Wheat developed the following trend forecast with the current cultural, social, and political climate in mind.  “Society plays such a role in shaping fashion trends,” says Wheat, “and we’re going to start seeing the effects of this in hair styles this season, too.”

Unisex Trends

“Unisex has been on its way back for a while, now” says Wheat.  As a mother of three teenagers, Wheat has a firsthand glimpse of all the ways, “kids don’t want to be put into a mold anymore.”  And trends reflect that.  Just as women and men might pair androgynous, oversized garments with ditsy floral prints, so too do trending hairstyles embody a mix of traditionally feminine and masculine energies.

Short Trends

Shorter trending looks are styled, “but not over-styled,”; Julianne Hough’s long pixie is less rigid and more lived-in, for example.  And while the purple-pink punk sleek look depicts more structure, it is still reminiscent of the liminal, boundary-pushing styles in the previous category.  Wheat notes, too, that the pastel, silver and grey-hued hair we’ve seen over the last year is on its way out.

Medium Trends

With a little more length comes a nod to the ‘80s.  But, as Wheat mentions, these styles are “modern versions of decades-old styles, with just hints of ‘80s flair.”  The three shaggy looks above demonstrate trends that focus less on hiding and more on embracing guests’ natural textures.  The same is true of the lived-in highlights: “the girl with fringe and the girl with the curly shag could have had their highlights for six months!”  Wheat says.  What is modern about these styles, then, is the low-maintenance upkeep.  Again, the hard work happens once: in the salon and not in your powder room.

Long Trends

In recent months, the shorter pixie and bob were making the rounds.  Now, many guests ask for length; and Kati is at-the-ready with mermaid-worthy hair extensions.   And Kati wants you to know that face-framing hair extensions don’t discriminate: one male stylist on Eleventh wears beautiful extensions that curl, twist into a high bun, or drape down his back in a long ponytail.

Tying It All Together

Finally, none of these low-maintenance, natural 80s styles would be possible without an upsurge of products to support them: no-blow-dry lotions and “refresh” blends are key.  Wheat has been “teaching clients to use no-blow-dry cream” to style their looks quickly and simply. “Embrace texture, but do it intentionally,” and without frizz.  Again, products support this “enhance, not hide,” approach, which even extends to the realm of highlights: “highlights and hair color are like makeup,” Wheat says. “You want to highlight the best stuff—if you highlight an entire book and go back to read it, the good parts won’t stand out.  It’s the same thing with hair color.”

Visit Kati on Eleventh for some lived-in highlights, custom extensions, or even a collarbone-length bob with natural curls (three styles favored by many of Kati’s recent guests).  As always, make appointments by phone with your local salon, or online at lunaticfringesalon.com.

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