Stylist Spotlight: Writing Stories in Hair With Lauren Lavigne

Posted on Mar 13, 2018 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham//

St. George stylist Lauren Lavigne’s journey to the beauty industry began with a stint in college theater.  Her early foray into stage and television acting is fitting, really, because Lauren takes to heart the notion that, “you’re writing a story in someone’s hair.”  And it’s true!  For Lauren, the science behind crafting color hinges on her client’s life story and lifestyle: “I love seeing a color I’ve done come back five months later and still look good…creating something for someone’s lifestyle challenges me to think about making the color last.”

And the story she writes as a stylist is always collaborative.  “We live in a time when everyone is willing to share and showcase what they know,” says Lauren.  In fact, Lauren attributes her early interest in styling to the accessibility of resources like Pinterest and Instagram, especially when it comes to perfecting newer color techniques like balayage—in which Lauren hopes to specialize.  Further, she is an advocate for industry platforms like that connect stylists through an inclusive (rather than an exclusive) approach to sharing knowledge.

Lauren’s advice to budding stylists?  “Immerse yourself completely in the knowledge of our industry,” because, in this day and age, knowledge is everywhere you look.  And it’s found not only in the pages of textbooks, but also in the fellow creators that make up your community.  “My biggest breakthrough moments happen while watching other Lunatic Fringe stylists and picking their brains,” she says.

Lauren learned the importance of community early on, when, at the urging of her friends, she traded her tomboy thespian roots for a spot in St. George’s Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design.  During Lauren’s studies at Taylor Andrews, she snagged a nationally coveted (one in five!) “Beauty Changes Lives” MAC makeup scholarship.  Shortly after graduation, Lunatic Fringe snapped her up and Lauren hasn’t looked back.  In-salon mentors like Sarah Boling and Brittney Grundmeyer add little flourishes of inspiration to Lauren’s cuts and color—the latter of which truly holds Lauren’s passion: “the science behind color…makes my heart happy.”

Down the road, Lauren hopes to harness her knowledge as an industry educator.  Currently, she attends workshops, takes classes online, and travels cross-country to learn new color and balayage techniques.  After a whirlwind year of career immersion—Lauren has been behind the chair at LF for sixteen months, now—Lauren hopes to someday revisit theater-related hobbies like vocal performance and guitar.  Until then, you can find this Arizona native happily behind the chair at Lunatic Fringe St. George.  Need a spring color reboot?  A balayage refresh?  Call, stop by, or visit to make an appointment with Lauren.

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