In-Salon Fusio-Dose Treatments: Bespoke Blends for Problem Hair

Posted on Feb 20, 2018 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham //

At Lunatic Fringe, our stylists are also mixologists.  And while we’re not talking craft cocktails, you can enjoy the lasting benefits of Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatments in the time it takes to order a drink: five minutes.  The key is in Kérastase’s powerfully active concentrates, which your stylist will hand-select after a careful and collaborative “state of the union” chat to address your hair’s top needs. With five booster options and four concentrate choices, there are up to twenty distinct Fusio-Dose treatments available in-salon. Let us tailor-blend a ritual unique to your hair.

Concentrate options include:

  • Density Concentré: To add tone, movement and body.
  • Strength Concentré: To replenish protein.
  • Nutrition Concentré: To re-nourish dry hair.
  • Shine Concentré: To enhance color brilliance.

Concentrates address your most pressing, primary hair needs. Selecting a booster comes next.

Booster options include:

  • Densité Booster: To instantly and intensely texturize fibers.
  • Brilliance Booster: To instantly achieve 5 times more radiance.
  • Reconstruction Booster: To instantly combat breakage (up to 50% during brushing).
  • Discipline Booster: To instantly achieve 3 times more styling discipline.
  • Nutrition Booster: To instantly achieve 3 times more nutrition.

What to Expect:

Once you and your stylist have discussed your primary and secondary hair needs, you will settle in to the LF Lather Lounge.  (The combination of dim lights and soothing music doesn’t make it difficult!)  You can expect a thorough and invigorating shampoo prior to your treatment, followed by a decidedly soporific mini head massage.  (It’s not uncommon for guests to fall asleep during that last part.)

Who Can Benefit from Fusio-Dose?

Those with heat-styling habits or color-checkered pasts will especially benefit from in-salon Fusio-Dose treatments, but anyone is a candidate; no one is immune to busy schedules or harsh environmental toxins that tarnish our hair.  This quick treatment is a brief respite from both, and a truly ideal way to get your hair in shape for summer: a season when LF stylists like Kristin Vickery come in for a treatment at least once a month.

Three different Kerastase home-lab treatments.

Fusio-Dose At Home:

And, for in between treatments, the ever-luxurious and prescient Kérastase has supplied the hair-focused masses with at-home lab kits. That’s right—LF stylists can entrust you with a custom-blend of concentrates and boosters to keep your hair, well, boosted between in-salon treatments!

Kerastase home lab treatment.

Inquire about adding a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment to your cut or style—or simply stop by for a quick stand-alone treatment—and pick up a four-treatment home lab kit, all during your next salon visit.  As always, schedule your next appointment online here, or call your local salon with any questions about the magic of Kérastase Fusio-Dose.

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