Fall 2017 Trend Watch with Luke Decker

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

by Jane Stringham //

“Summer is over, so we’ve gotta put our clothes back on and dress up a little.” Straight from the mouth of Luke Decker, dear readers. For Luke, a Master Stylist, fall colors and fall fashions inform 2017’s autumn hair trends. Read on to see how Luke wants to dress up your hair.

Impermanent Fall Trends:

“I’m really loving hair jewelry right now—imagine a rose gold or brass hair clip, or even a ponytail piece.” If you’re putting off bangs till those temperatures drop, or interested in less permanent change, hair jewelry may be right for you.

Hair with a brass hair clip.

Subtle Fall Trends:

If hair jewelry feels just a little too safe, consider a subtle and conservative shift in color—think warm gold, caramel or copper tones complemented by framing layers. Luke has a wide client-base of balayage lovers, and “loves the lived-in beauty of the colors you can create [with balayage].”

Balayage hairstyle

Fashionable Fall Trends:

As we head into fall, LF guests have been asking Luke for lots of texture, “whether it’s messy, textured bangs or pronounced piece-y layers.” Shaggy, longer cuts are the trendy route this season.

Woman with bangs and layers.

Bold Fall Trends:

If, like Luke, you, “love a big change for a fall transition,” consider going full copper red, “reminiscent of mountain leaves.”

Woman with a copper-red hair color.

Been dreaming of bangs all summer? Fall is the time to go for it! Luke loves the way bangs look underneath hats and beanies. Again, fall fashion and fall hair trends go hand in hand: come fall, Luke “cares a lot more about where the hair is hitting—guests are starting to wear collars and scarves and I like to play around with how the hair will fall around them.”

Lunatic Fringe stylist Luke Decker

Personally, Luke (above) waits until fall to go blonde—he’s outside too much during the summer months to make any ashy tones last. If your tresses are short like Luke’s, “fall is a great time to loosen up a little—let that tight fade grow in a little bit more, wear your hair a little messier and add some texture.”

You can find Luke and his autumn locks behind the chair at Lunatic Fringe in Holladay. After working at LF on Eleventh for a year, Luke and his best friend Spencer opened shop out south: “we’ve watched our salon grow for the past 3.5 years and are excited to see it continue to thrive.”

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