Spotlight: Stylist Haley Duane of Sharonville, Ohio

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

In a profession where transformation and innovation are elemental, stylist Haley Duane never takes her finger off the pulse of the beauty industry.
Haley stays connected by learning from her Sharonville, Ohio Lunatic Fringe colleagues and national (even international!) stylists’ social media pages, in addition to a few of her favorite print magazines.  There she finds motivation for everything from new balayage techniques to building a clientele base.  (Here’s a tip: if it’s balayage you’re into, check out stylist Chelsea Caruso’s feed for inspiration photos—it has Haley’s seasoned stamp of approval.)

Haley loves sharing her own work through platforms like Instagram, and attributes her social media savvy in part to her growth as a stylist.  When speaking to Haley, her clients and colleagues learn quickly that a deep-seeded curiosity also fuels her career growth.  That, an open mind, and “always trying new things!” says Haley.

Innovation is truly the name of the game in hair, especially with a stylist like Haley, whose passion project is color.  She stays motivated by witnessing color-fueled transformations not only in her guests’ hair, but also in their attitudes.  “The satisfaction of making people feel beautiful keeps me going,” says Haley.  New techniques and complex coloring strategies never cease to intrigue this Sharonville stylist: “Although Instagram inspires me, my coworkers are really my main source of inspiration—they have taken me under their wing and shown me new, amazing things.”

After two years behind the chair, Haley has a bit of advice for upcoming stylists that transfers to anyone working in or close to the beauty industry: “I wish I knew not to stress over the slow days, bad weeks, or even bad months.  I wish I’d have listened when my LF bosses and colleagues said that everything would come together…it’s all a building process, for which I’m so grateful.”  The Sharonville community helps Haley “be the best stylist [she] can be,” and Haley plans to stay in the Lunatic Fringe family for years to come.  You can find her behind the chair in Sharonville, buzzing about the latest color trend and always ready to make you, your attitude and your hair the most beautiful it can be.

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