Katie Fitzsimmons: Educator and Stylist Extraordinaire

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 // Stylist ProfileThe Lunatic Fringe Story

Katie Fitzsimmons, Jr. Stylist at the Lunatic Fringe Liberty Township salon in Ohio, has a side hustle that makes us proud. 

It’s there that Katie utilizes skills she picked up along her winding pathway to life in the beauty industry: “I always loved the idea of becoming a writer, and I had interest in teaching as well, but in college I realized that I was lacking something very important to me: passion.”

When Katie tapped into her inner child, she rediscovered a passion she’d always harbored: hair!  After time at Liberty University in Virginia as an English major, Katie enrolled at Paul Mitchell The School in Cincinnati.  She thrived in beauty school, and only wishes she’d made the realization of her passion at an earlier age.  Now, as an ex-English major and current stylist, Katie puts her educational savvy to work as a Junior Achievement teacher in the Cosmetology Program at Hamilton High School every Monday afternoon.
Katie draws from her own life experiences to help students, “listen very carefully to [their] hearts’ desires, because career choices can alter your life experience.”  Her lessons focus on ethics, soft skills, teamwork, and time management; and employ myriad learning methodologies that prepare students for life in the workforce.

Education and beauty aren’t the only passions in Katie’s life.  Vegetarian cooking, working out, and Zumba also have her heart.  In fact, Katie is a certified Zumba instructor!

When she’s not noshing on veggie eats or breaking a sweat, you can find Katie behind the chair at our Liberty Township Salon—where she specializes in cuts, color and texture.

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