The Power of a Haircut

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 // Stylist's TipsThe Lunatic Fringe Story


When ten inches of hair hit the floor, the difference can be striking.  But change often runs deeper than a reflection in the mirror.  Take Khloe, Matt Fine’s longtime Nashville guest, who blossomed from Rapunzel-length locks to an emboldened LF model in a period of a few hours.  Her story, told by Matt, demonstrates the Power of a Haircut.


The Power of a Haircut // By Matt Fine

Years ago, I had the pleasure of being a part of a team photo shoot with Lunatic Fringe in Nashville.  Shortly after that shoot, I was hit with the idea of writing a blog about “the power of a haircut.”  This concept has been swimming in my head for 3 years.

To demonstrate the power of a haircut, I’d like for you to meet Khloe.

Khloe was my model for the photo shoot I mentioned earlier.  I met her when she was around 14 years old.  She had super long hair that she was quick to hide behind.  On our first haircut, she said she wanted to cut her hair off.  We talked through it, looked at some pictures and started cutting hair.  I love cutting hair off.  It’s one of my favorite things to do inside this profession.  It’s not everyday you meet someone for the first time and they trust you enough to cut 18+ inches of hair off…needless to say, I was stoked.  As we started removing the hair, Khloe seemed to come alive.  I mean, her body position changed.  Her shoulders went back.  She seemed excited.  After we were done, we took an “after pic”.  It was pretty amazing to see the difference.  She was pumped, and I moved on to my next guest.

I cut her hair a few more times.  We got a bit more daring each time and asked her if she’d be willing to be a model for a salon photo shoot.  As we worked on her look for the shoot, her mom pulled me aside and said, “Thank you!  Khloe has found a new sense of confidence and strength after her haircut!”  She started to tear up as she thanked me.  I was blown away.  What an honor to be a tiny part of this young girl growing up and finding confidence!  As the years passed, we used Khloe on more shoots.  It still blows me away that the girl in the images below is the same girl in the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt who let me cut all her hair off!

So here’s the big hairdresser take away.  We cut hair – day in, day out, all day, everyday.  Over time, cutting hair can become routine for the hairdresser.  If we’re not careful, we can become unaware and forget the power that a haircut holds.  Every single day we have the chance to lift people up and tear people down with a simple stroke of the blade.  I recently heard DJ Muldoon say, “When we cut hair, we’re messing with people’s self-esteem”.  That’s a heavy statement. As hairdressers, we have to be present in the moment with our guests.  We have to give them our best.  Anything less is unacceptable.

As for our guests – the receivers of our craft – they know.  They’re the ones that deal with the after affects of our work.  They know it’s a great haircut when the shape is still alive after 6 weeks of grow-out.  They know if we’re really worth our price tag or not.  Hell, they’re the ones that decide to continue to hire us for the job next time.  We are servants.  We serve people and there is a great responsibility that comes with our jobs.  What we do everyday can sometimes feel mundane.  If you have ever felt tired or uninspired, I hope “the Power of a Haircut” will give you the encouragement you need to raise the bar! You never know just how a “simple haircut” can make an impact in the lives of our guests.

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