Lunatic Fringe Gets Vicious at UMOCA’s 2015 Gala

Posted on Jun 22, 2015 // Giving BackPromotions & EventsThe Lunatic Fringe Story

On June 6, twelve Lunatic Fringe stylists volunteered their time and talents to help the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art realize its “Vicious” vision.

For his final gala and fundraising event with UMOCA, committee chair Gary Vlasic conceptualized a non-traditional evening that was anything but “stuffy and stodgy.” “To do something for tradition’s sake is the worst thing you can do,” said museum director Kristian Anderson. And what better way to thwart tradition than by staging a punk-inspired fashion show, styled by Lunatic Fringe?


Vlasic opened the gala with our show, thus depending on Lunatic stylists to set the tone for the evening. Key players in the show chose to emphasize the individuality and contradictory nature of punk; and undertones of futuristic, couture-inspired concepts also shone through. And yes, “Vicious” nods to Sid Vicious, bassist and vocalist for the Sex Pistols.

“It’s a variation on punk,” clarified Heidi Gress, gala committee member, creative director of HMG Production and producer of the runway show. Our stylists collaborated with Gress to achieve a cohesive vision for the show. “Punk is eternal,” commented Emiley Golie, longtime LF stylist and community contact for Vlasic.


One need look no further than the evening’s dress code, “cocktail punk chic,” to understand the stylistic objective of the gala. Even the runway-clothing designer’s name, Anjel Skull, juxtaposes unlike concepts (angels and skulls) in the name of innovation. (Anjel Skull designer Anjelica Nordloh has been a guest of Golie’s at our Eleventh location since 2006.) And as community-minded creatives, our stylists proved integral in achieving this futuristic punk aesthetic.

But the punk movement wasn’t built in a day! We arrived at the Complex five hours before curtain to begin prepping and styling our six runway models.


Chosen hairstyles reflected specific personas of each model, ranging from “Fierce Marie Antoinette,” to “Grace Jones.” And makeup nodded to the Mad Max film series by simulating masks on the models’ faces.


Anjel Skull’s designs are bondage-inspired, and they parallel masks as things to cast off in the pursuit of individuality. The symbolically rich gesture made a striking visual statement, further complemented by complex hair extensions, detail-oriented hair builds and intricate nail designs.



Jessica Burleson, owner of Topcoat Nail Bar, spent 3-4 hours casting the molds for our models’ acrylics.


Can you guess which model is our “Fierce Marie Antoinette?”   And who’s Grace Jones?

2015-06-17 at 5.01.20 PM 2

2015-06-17 at 4.45.58 PM

We loved getting Vicious with UMOCA this summer. We look forward to stretching our philanthropic wings their way in the future. For more information on supporting UMOCA, visit

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